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Achievable. Intelligible. Measurable.

Q Division, a global consultancy dedicated to offering best in class IoT, connected commerce solutions, data-driven innovation strategies and emerging technology. Q Division is a team of business management consultants, connected commerce-focused industry experts and solution engineers that provide brands and retailers with data-driven, best in class customer experiences.


Technology Consulting

Partner agencies, brands and retailers who retain Q Division’s transformative technology advisory, are guided on best in class tech strategies for innovation, fast-track test/learns and scalable retail tech solutions.

Connected Commerce

Engineering meaningful, connected experiences by leveraging IoT based, retail tech platforms; AI, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Robots, Conversational Commerce, E-commerce, and Digital In-Store Interactions.

Marketing + Retail Science

Use of machine learning tools and periodic data collection platforms across on-line, mobile and in-store environments to drive and improve upon the delivered customer experience, provided by consumer persona building and behavioral insights.

Emerging Tech Ventures + Mentorship

Access and exposure to investors, global solution partners and emerging retail tech startups. Opportunities to participate in live test markets. (Investment = capital, client relationship capital, mentorship)

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