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Our services and approach

We work with you to define the goals you’re setting out to achieve. Chances are, your project isn’t going to fit into a neat box we have waiting. Instead, we work with a team of experts to design a plan for tackling the unique elements of your project. We have the expertise ready now to refine the proposed design based on your feedback – and then we get to work innovating.


Connected Commerce Consulting

From concept to enterprise class execution, we partner with you to create a connected consumer strategy that is safe, secure and caters to the convenience your shoppers crave.

Innovation + Design Thinking

We’ve created a test/learn lab approach to retail tech discovery. These immersive physical spaces allow our clients to move beyond the hypothetical, interacting with the tech prior to launch.

CX Strategies

The opportunity and impulse to shop can be acted upon any time, from anywhere. We help define a strategy that thoroughly maps your customer journey, improves back of the house operations and allows for an overall flexible selling strategy.

Experience Technology Engineering

Customers still prefer to shop in the physical store, and distributed experiences throughout the store and we engineer the shopping experiences - from digital signage to mobile integration to AI - that put the joy back in shopping.

Data + Analytic Sciences

Customers have come to embrace the personalized attention retailers are applying to their shopping experience. Our real-time and periodic data collection strategies drive and improve upon the delivered CX, consumer persona building and behavioral insights.

Emerging Tech Ventures

We will continually identify and invest in tech startups, evaluating + creating opportunities via test markets and potential integration with the world’s most successful digital platforms.

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